Top Five Most Popular Pests in Nevada

Landscape of NevadaThe hot summers and the dry winters unfortunately make Nevada an inviting home to pests of all kinds. Although there are plenty of creepy crawlers to choose from, we made a list of the top five pests that rule the valley.


The Africanized honey bees are most prevalent in Nevada even though they are not originally from America at all. These bees have made a home in the Nevada wilderness and will cause havoc when disturbed. They seem to make their nests near homes and tend to attack in large groups.


There are many species of spiders abundant in the Las Vegas Valley. The most notorious include the desert recluse, black widow, and camel spider. These three pose a very real and dangerous threat to people if bitten. While most spiders you will see around your home are quite harmless, it’s important to keep your eyes out for the infamous three.


Ants have many strategic advantages when invading a home; one being their small size, and the other being the size of their colonies, which have the potential to grow to more than 300,000. They have become very resistant to many over the counter pest control products and if they are threatened, their movement becomes even more rapid.


The three most common types of cockroaches found in Southern Nevada are the German cockroach, American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. A small infestation left untreated could turn into a huge problem before your eyes. They are not only an unsightly scene, but offer a very unhealthy environment. These critters can go without food for long periods of time and have the potential to stay idle in one spot for hours.


Nevada is the perfect place for scorpions to make their home. These creatures tend to take shelter in the shade during the day to avoid the extreme heat, and come out at night to hunt for food. Especially in the cooler temperatures, scorpions find refuge in your home and are not a considerate guest. A scorpion sting can be life-threatening and the creature is built to last years, so we suggest calling in a professional pest control service to rid your house of them.

Don’t let these pesky creatures get the best of you! From scorpions and spiders to a wicked case of bees, Delcon Termite & Pest Control knows how to remove any unwelcome guests. Call us at 702-656-0455 to learn more about our services and how we can help!