To Keep Colonies Growing, Termites Help Raise Their Siblings

To Keep Colonies Growing, Termites Help Raise Their SiblingsThere are many parents who aren’t always able to be home with their kids due to work or other circumstances. Sometimes, these parents rely on their older children to take care of their younger siblings. The older kids adopt many of the responsibilities usually associated with parenting, thereby allowing the younger kids to grow up in a safe, stable home environment.

Believe it or not, termites operate in almost the exact same way.

A group of University of Florida scientists recently released the results of a study which found that juvenile termites are, in many instances, raised by their older siblings. Their parents are typically around for the early parts of their lives, but at some point the parents leave so that older termite children can raise their siblings to maturity.

This might seem like a feel-good story, but the truth is that this unusual behavior can have a profoundly negative impact on home and business owners. When older termite siblings are left to care for younger ones, it gives the parents more time to reproduce and create even more termites. As a result, termite colonies are able to grow very quickly. The researchers believe this brood-rearing behavior developed over the course of millions of years as termites evolved from their cockroach ancestors.

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