Mice and roof rat problems can be found all over Las Vegas and Henderson. Not only are rats and mice are a general nuisance, but they will chew up anything they can fit in their mouth while leaving unsanitary droppings everywhere they have been. With a good food source and shelter, they multiply quickly and can be very difficult to eliminate. Delcon utilizes several methods for rodent removal and control. We can use traps, baits, poisons, and exclusion methods to cure your rodents problems.If you have small rodents in you home in Las Vegas, they are house mice. These smaller rodents breed quickly and can infest a structure in no time. They bring with them disease and chew up everything they can find. At first, you might not see them, but you will notice their little droppings in cupboards, behind appliances or perhaps in your garage. They can also find their way through walls and rafters.

For those seeing larger rodents in or around your home, you are likely dealing with roof rats. Also known as black rats, these rodents got their name because they like to be up high. They are agile climbers and can easily gain access to your roof if surrounding trees aren’t properly trimmed. Once on your roof, they will try to enter your attic to build a home of their own. Left undealt with, they are known to chew through wires doing thousands of dollars of damage or even creating a fire hazard.

If you suspect you have a rodent problem, call Delcon Termite/ Pest Control for immediate service.