Exterminating roaches in your home is one of the many benefits to a monthly bug spraying service. Cockroach problems are not only unsightly but can create a very unhealthy environment. Protect your family from these troublesome bugs before they get out of hand.

There are several types of cockroaches found in southern Nevada with the three most common being the German cockroach, American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. The German cockroach is found mainly in kitchens or bathrooms and can cause serious illness to those exposed. Seeing just a few roaches usually means that many of their friends are nearby. A small infestation left untreated can turn into a large problem in no time at all. Cockroaches within the home should be dealt with swiftly before they can contaminate food and spread disease.

A cockroach family tree would be incredibly large and long! Cockroaches are suspected to have originated during the Carboniferous era, which was over 280 million years ago. They have been flourishing ever since and are some of the most primitive winged insects known by scientists. If we were to name every type of cockroach on earth this would be one huge web page. There are over 5,000 types of roaches in existence!

Cockroaches have a protective exoskeleton which means they wear their bones on the outside. Roaches are so resilient that they can live for up to an entire week without their head! Their blood is white and flows freely in their body which contains no blood vessels. Roaches are surprisingly fast on their feet. An American cockroach can run up to three miles in an hour! Cockroaches are often referred to as water bugs by many. No matter what you call them Delcon can put them on the run!