Rats vs. Mice and Why It Matters to Know the Difference

Both rats and mice can cause serious damage to the structure of your home, contaminate your food, and wreak havoc on your wires and personal belongings. However, they are very different creatures and the control efforts of these rodents will be determined by which pesky critter you’re dealing with.

What to know about rats

Las Vegas has plenty of experience with roof rats, which are one of the most common rat species in the country. These pests are routine creatures that will travel the same paths and enter homes in the same entrance every day. They are always in search for their basic needs of food and water, and if given the opportunity, they will seek shelter in your home as well. Rats usually stay close to their nests or burrows and can enter your home through several means, including broken drains and holes as small as a ½ inch. Their peak breeding time is during the spring and they can be brown, grey, or black.

The tell-tale signs of rats:

  • Larger droppings with pointed ends
  • Tracks leading into runways
  • Any sign of burrowing
  • Gnawing marks on structure or belongings

What to know about mice

Mouse Infesting the Kitchen of a Nevada HomeSmaller than a rat, a mouse is one of the worst home invaders in the world. They are able to climb, jump and swim proving to be more agile and fluid than rats. They are color blind, but keen in their other senses and avoid bright lights at all costs. Mice are easily frightened and like to feed on plants and cereal. The reproduce quickly and can infest a structure in no time. They can be brown or grey, and can enter through a hole as small as ¼ inch.

The tell-tale signs of mice:

  • Smaller droppings with rounded ends
  • A musky odor
  • Nest hidden near a food source
  • Gnawing marks and tracks with no pattern

At Delcon Termite and Pest Control, we have a team of experts that has the knowledge and equipment necessary to cure your rodent problems. Once we determine what rodent has infested your house, we can implement an effective removal method to rid your home of the rats or mice. Give us a call at 702-656-0455 today if you have any questions about these rodents or are experiencing an infestation.