Pigeon problems in Las Vegas can be quickly resolved using our 20+ years of pigeon control experience. Dealing with the existing pigeons is just one part of the equation. Installing deterrents after pigeon removal is key to a successful pigeon service. Delcon can form a defensive barrier on your property that will keep pigeons from coming back. Pigeon control is a multi-step process which involves both cleanup and deterrents. We even have non-lethal options available. Give Delcon a call today for more details.

Pigeon problems are usually identified by a large number of droppings that can cause damage to property and pose a health problem as well. Pigeon nests are often around electrical wiring and have the potential to catch fire. When they congregate on rooftops their nests commonly plug drain gutters and their droppings can also poison air ventilation systems. There are over 60 diseases that pigeons can spread that are dangerous to humans.

The worst thing about pigeon droppings is that they actually attract more pigeons! Their droppings contain pheromones that signal other pigeons to gather. That is why cleanup is so important. Call Delcon with any of your pigeon control questions.