Pigeons Still a Concern for Clark County

Pigeons remain a hot button issue in the Southern Nevada area as concerns are raised against crimes committed against the flying breed in a Summerlin neighborhood. Clark County Ban Prohibits the Feeding of Wild Pigeons

Residents of the neighborhood discovered pigeons with orange darts pinned to them last month, and now residents are trying to pinpoint the shooter.

Resident Dave Peterson discovered a helpless pigeon on Christmas day with his children.

“I was out here with my kids playing, then saw this bird hopping around…it sounds like someone’s just using a dart gun and using birds for target practice,” Peterson said in an interview with local news station KNTV.

In our previous blog post, we mentioned the ban that prohibited the feeding of wild pigeons in Clark County, but is remains unknown whether the pigeon shootings are related in some way to this new law.

Pigeons continue to be a problem for residents of Southern Nevada, with many people being forced to call pest control services to ensure their safe removal.

“I don’t like pigeons, but I’m not going to kill them. I’m just suppose to try and deter them from my roof,” said Summerlin resident Amber Villareal, in an interview with the same station.

If you spot a pigeon that has been shot with an orange dot in your neighborhood, it is advised that you call your local police, who will then assess whether a crime has been committed.

Most of the residents who have spotted hurt pigeons are alarmed at the sight and believe the acts to be cruel.

“I don’t know if it’s something that someone’s just trying to get birds or if it’s going to escalate to maybe pets or something like that later. I hope that’s not the case,” said Peterson.

If you spot a pigeon that has been shot, don’t wait: call Delcon Termite & Pest Control at 702-656-0455 to safely remove the birds from your neighborhood.