Pest Control of the Essence During Winter Season

Winter may be in full swing for most of the country, but that doesn’t mean that all the pests in our neighborhoods are hibernating.

Many homeowners only schedule pest control appointments in warmer months when pests are more aggressive, but when the temperatures start to fall, you may find some of the pests that typically leave you alone during the summer are migrating inside. Here we discuss two to look out for.

Winged Carpenter Ants Pest Control of the Essence During Winter

Many homeowners report seeing flying carpenter ants in the summertime in the backyard; you may have found one or two inside your home that flew in through an open door or window and have stuck through to winter.

If you spot a winged carpenter ant in your home during cooler months, it could also mean that there’s a carpenter ant nest somewhere within your home’s structure. If you suspect this, you should call your pest control professional right away to schedule a treatment.

Brown Desert and Recluse Spiders

Spiders may migrate into your home during the winter to stay warm. Brown recluse spiders are most often found in undisturbed places in your home, like closets, crawl spaces, attics and basements. You may find this kind of spider hiding in worn clothing, shoes, or on windowsills.

The brown recluse spider is not nearly as common in the winter in Southern Nevada as the desert brown spider is. The desert brown spider varies slightly in color, wearing a more yellowish-brown outer skin as opposed to the dark brown appearance of the recluse spider.

If you see either of these spiders in your home, call your pest control professional; the bites from both types of spiders are necrotic and can cause body lesions.

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