How Weather Affects Pests and Increases the Risk of Infestation

Just like humans, pests change their mood and daily routine according to the weather. Just as you would shelter yourself from harsh elements, pests attempt to do the same. Unfortunately, that could mean your very own home.

Pests take shelter in cooler weather

Ants Entering a House from the Bad Weather in Las VegasRodents and insects alike will look for a place to stay warm during the cooler months, whether it is for hibernation purposes or for basic survival. Smaller pests usually go unseen, residing in the nooks and crannies of your home’s structure, however that doesn’t mean they don’t pose a threat of infestation.

Many pests will make a home during these cooler months to prepare for breeding in the springtime. Stay on the lookout for ants, spiders, termites and roaches who are likely to make a home in your humble abode.

Dry vs. wet weather and how both lead pests indoors

As temperatures outside begin to increase, it’s possible that a pest’s water supply disappears. Since they need water to survive, they take refuge inside your house as you go out to enjoy the summer sun. Dry weather drives pests indoors and encourages them to build nests where they can find the supplies.

Instead of suffering from a lack of water, rainy weather provides pests with too much water, sometimes enough to destroy their homes. It is also a problem for homeowners; pests look for higher, drier ground to evade the rain, which to them is flooding. The biggest culprits of marching into a home during a storm are ants. They’re known to ride the wave for survival, unlike other pests that are defeated by the surplus of water.

Whether your area is facing an overwhelming blizzard, or extreme heat, the risk of infestation will certainly increase.

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