How to Bee Prepared for the Swarm and Protect Your Home from Bees

Bee season is here which means that many people are keeping their eyes open for hives on their properties. Nevada alone has 1,000 native species of bees including bumblebees, honey bees, mining bees, etc., as well as wasps. During bee season, a beehive can become overcrowded with so many worker bees needed to sustain the colony. When this happens, some bees will split off and form a new colony which is when people will notice swarms. So, what’s happening here?

Bee Swarm in NevadaWhen the colony splits, a new queen is established and her and her worker bees will start to search for a new home. During this period, many will cluster in a tree or shrub while select bees go in search of a new nesting spot. When they are on the move, bees can enter anywhere there is a hole that is a quarter of an inch or larger.

  • Sealing all potential bee entries with something like caulk can help prevent them from entering.
  • Also, reducing outdoor clutter can help remove possible areas for bees to thrive.

While preventative action is always encouraged, sometimes it’s too late and the bees move in without your permission. So, what should you do if you see these pests making a home on your property?

First of all, do not try to remove it yourself. Even though many bees such as the Paper Wasp, which is common in Nevada, are typically non-aggressive, they are territorial. If they feel threatened, they can attack and in some cases be life-threatening. When the hive is present, avoid wearing dark colors as they can attract bees and try to keep kids and dogs away from that area of the yard. Stay calm and away from the hive—then consider calling in professionals who can remove the hive safely.

In the event of an attack, run away in a straight line and take shelter in a closed space and use your arms, shirt, etc. to shield your face. Once you are safe, remove stingers and wash the area thoroughly before applying an ice pack.

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