End of Mating Season Brings Tarantulas to Las Vegas Neighborhoods

Tarantulas have been spotted in residential parts of Southern Nevada as the end of mating season nears.

According to pest control officials, male tarantulas are more likely to be spotted, because they are End of Mating Season Brings Tarantulas to Las Vegas Neighborhoodssearching for females to mate with.

While the male tarantulas are likely to reach your front door step in their relentless quest, they probably won’t enter your home.

Are they dangerous? They may rear up at you at first just because they could get startled, but for the most part you can pick them up and let them crawl into your hand. They’re not going to do anything to you.

These critters may look scary, but let us reassure you that they are not hunting for humans and will do no harm.

Desert tarantulas by nature are less aggressive than other species of Arachnids. Their bites aren’t deadly, and their species grows to be four inches long.

Most desert tarantulas live in burrows or spend most of their time climbing on trees or hiding in the cracks of rocks.

Male desert tarantulas only live 5 to 10 years at most, while female tarantulas outlive their male counterparts by 25 years.

If you find one of these harmless creatures on your Las Vegas property and aren’t sure what to do, call Delcon Termite & Pest Control at 702-656-0455 for immediate assistance and we will safely remove it for you.