Common Causes of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs—the words alone are terrifying. The thought of the itching, the weeks-long hassle—not to mention the cost of treatment—send shivers up the spine of even the most hardened city dweller. Bed bugs aren’t just limited to cities, either. No matter where you live (and no matter how clean you are) you could be at risk. However, take heart—knowing the common causes of bed bugs puts you one step closer to prevention.

Areas of the Home with Bed BugsYou purchased used furniture.

You already know to thoroughly check used mattresses for bed bugs. However, the name bed bug is a bit of a misnomer. These unwelcome critters can take up residence anywhere in a home, especially if you purchased used furniture. Couches, chairs, clothing—none of it is truly safe. Therefore, give that thrift-store couch a thorough once-over before taking it home.

You have a cluttered home.

While it’s true that bed bugs can infest any home regardless of cleanliness, the more cluttered your space, the more places they have to hide.

You recently had house guests.

Dear Aunt Lorna is coming to visit, bearing gifts for the whole family. Does her list include the unwelcome gift of bedbugs? Gently ask if she’s had bed bugs in her home recently before offering a place to stay and invest in high-quality bedbug covers for your guests.

You’ve traveled recently.

Check hotel reviews online before booking a hotel to make sure you won’t pick up any unwanted souvenirs (i.e. bedbugs) on your trip.

Even if you’ve taken all the right precautions, you might still get bed bugs. Don’t hesitate to call Delcon Termite & Pest Control as soon as you notice the first signs! If you’re in the Las Vegas area, call 702-656-0455 for immediate assistance.