Clark County Ban Prohibits the Feeding of Wild Pigeons

Clark County officials recently approved a ban that prohibits the feeding of wild pigeons in local parks and neighborhoods.

Clark County Ban Prohibits the Feeding of Wild Pigeons

The ban was pushed at the urgency of local residents, who are concerned that the pigeons are posing a public health hazard.

“It’s a health issue, and I don’t want all that pigeon poop in my neighborhood. I surely don’t want it on my home,” said one local Clark County resident, Vicki Mahanna Campbell.

According to officials, pigeons can produce 25 pounds of droppings in one year, which damages residential property.

Not all residents are in agreement with this new ordinance. Clark County resident Richard Conklin believes that people should be able to feed the pigeons in parks, at the very least.

“Pigeons need to eat too. I understand the damage to buildings and stuff, but this is a park, it’s grass, so I don’t see what kind of damage they could be doing in a park,” said Conklin.

People who are caught feeding pigeons could face up to six months in jail or may have to pay $1,000 fine.

Campbell is in agreement with the new ordinance; however, she believes that there should be a less severe penalty for first-time pigeon-feeding offenders.

“Will everybody comply with it? Probably not. But should there be some kind of a fine or something or a warning first and then a fine? I think so,” Campbell said.

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