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Rats vs. Mice and Why It Matters to Know the Difference

Mouse Infesting the Kitchen of a Nevada Home

Both rats and mice can cause serious damage to the structure of your home, contaminate your food, and wreak havoc on your wires and personal belongings. However, they are very different creatures and the control efforts of these rodents will be determined by which pesky critter you’re dealing with. What to know about rats Las… Read more »

Why Rodents Pose a Threat to Your Home or Business

Mice & Rat Removal in Las Vegas, NV

When most people think of the plaque, they harken back to medieval times, when the “Black Death” swept over Europe and killed half of the continent’s population. The plague is very much alive and well today, with cases reported in New Mexico as recently as this year, and it is spread through contaminated animal contact,… Read more »

Roof Rats Have Made Themselves at Home in Las Vegas

Roof Rats Have Made Themselves at Home in Las Vegas

Have you spotted large rodents with long, black tails scurrying around your property recently? If you haven’t seen the critters themselves, you may have noticed their droppings and tracks on the rafters in your attic. You may have even heard them on the roof above you at night. If any of these scenarios sound familiar,… Read more »