Beg Bugs a Big Problem in the Hospitality Industry

Did you know that, according to research conducted by the University of Kentucky in 2015, bed bugs lower the price of a hotel room by $21? In the United States, an average hotel contains 115 rooms. Now think of the number of travelers passing through yearly. That’s a lot of money thrown down the drain by a pest problem. Beg Bugs a Big Problem in the Hospitality Industry

While there’s no fool-proof way of completely obliterating the problem that bed bugs present, there are preventative measures a business can take to protect the integrity of their operation. That includes a monthly pest control service. Investing in consistent, thorough maintenance shows your customers that you value not only them but the experiences they have at your establishment.

Regular inspection of your hotel or motel will prevent the spread of an infestation of bed bugs. This means someone needs to respond quickly. Whether it is the person who handles luggage, the housekeeper, or a front desk associate, the sooner a problem is detected, the sooner it can be resolved.

Once a problem is detected, a professional must step in. A licensed professional will use several tactics to completely move all traces of the pest and rooms surrounding the affected area will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that the problem hasn’t spread.

Many people think bed bugs are a problem of the past, but at Delcon Termite & Pest Control, we know that their resurgence into the 21st century is creating a widespread problem for hotels and their travelers. Protect the integrity of your establishment and the safety of your guests with a monthly pest control service done at your convenience. Contact us today to find out more.