Bee control and extermination in Las Vegas is a key service that we offer. Africanized killer bees account for many calls to Delcon Termite/Pest Control. We use the latest in EPA certified methods to rid your home or business of bees. Pinpointing the nest and completely removing it is our job. We can resolve most bee issues with just one visit to your home or business.

The Paper Wasp is very common here in the valley. While they are generally non-aggressive in nature, but they can be very territorial when humans are close to their nest or hive. Stings from these wasps can be very painful and even life threatening to those allergic in rare cases.

Wasp and bee control requires protective gear anytime large numbers of them are dealt with. Delcon uses a specialized product to eliminate the wasps followed by nest removal to keep them from coming back. Give us a call today to resolve your wasp or bee problems!

Even if the bees are not bothering anyone it should be noted that they can do damage to structures. If you discover a hive or nest on your property we recommend that you do not do anything to agitate it. Call a professional with the equipment to deal with it properly.