Exterminating ants in your home can be a tricky affair. Spraying for bugs works on most insects, but a different approach is needed with ants. While ants are small they are incredibly resistant to many over the counter pest control products. Some results can be had with these sprays and such, though they fail to deal with the colony as a whole. By aggravating the colony these “miracle-in-a-can” solutions can actually make things worse by causing them to spread out within a dwelling. Ants can easily detect many of these low-end insecticides making professional intervention necessary.

Delcon starts by first identifying the type of ants that are affecting a given property. This information is crucial in determining what type of bait will be most effective. At a glance, an ant may not seem to be choosy when it comes to what they will eat, but indeed they are! While some ants prefer simple carbs(sugar), other seek out proteins. Using the wrong bait would be both ineffective and a waste of your hard earned dollars.

While termites pose little danger to people, they can wreak havoc on your home and wallet! In Nevada, both subterranean and dry wood termites are known to cause damage to homes. Unchecked, their activity can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a structure. Delcon offers inspection services to check for termites as well as termite infestation treatment. Whenever purchasing a home be sure to get a thorough termite inspection. If you suspect you have a termite problem, call the professionals at Delcon today for an evaluation.