3 Types of Pests Attracted to Your Pets

Pets bring us joy and unrivaled loyalty and friendship. However, they also inevitably bring us pest problems, and these extend beyond your typical flea and tick outbreaks.

These pests can become a huge problem if not taken care of immediately. 3 Types of Pests Attracted to Your Pets

Following are a few pests that people don’t realize their pets are attracting into the home:


Ants are attracted to exposed food and water; this is why they invade your summer picnic and feast on the foods you accidentally drop. Likewise, these insects are drawn to your pet’s food and water bowls, and if you don’t cover these bowls while not in use, you could end up with an ant infestation. Dogs or cats could bring these pests into your home from outside if they walk through ant beds, also. Ants are resistant to many over-the-counter pest control products, making them tough to get rid of once spotted, so prevention is key.


Rodents like mice and rats are attracted to your pet’s food and feces. If your pet’s food is left outside and unsealed, rodents will scamper towards your home to pick up the scraps. Also think about this: what happens when you fail to pick up your pet’s outdoor waste? It becomes a breeding ground for rodents. Mice and rats will also chew up things in your house and leave droppings wherever they roam. Once in your home, these pests can multiply quickly and chew through wires while infiltrating your walls and cupboards.


Both annoying and possibly damaging to your home’s structure, wasps prove a bothersome pest you’ll want to quickly remove. Wasps like protein-based foods like meat and food scraps, which could include your pet’s food if kept outdoors. Once they find food, wasps will return to the same sites to find more. These pests often build their nests in the ground where your dog or cat may roam, and are common in flowerbeds, so keep a close eye on pets when they’re in your backyard or out on a walk.

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